Pre-Order the Bridgerton Box from Once Upon a Book Club

This box will have the first three books in the Bridgerton series (The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and An Offer From a Gentleman). Those covers may look VERY different to you, because they are exclusive to Once Upon a Book Club – you won’t find them anywhere! Click here for a closer look.

Boxes are on sale now, and will be shipping late June – don’t miss out! Each book will have 2-3 gifts, and they’re sure to be as fancy as those cover editions alone. I’m so excited!

Don’t forget to use my code READINGMARIA10 for a discount – that will save you 10%!

Shipping in the US is $12, CDN is $56, and international will probably be around $80, if not more. I pre-ordered mine, which is why I know the CDN price, and some friends told me the US price!

Click here to order you box

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