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Book Review: The Second Chance Boutique by Louisa Leaman

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I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review via Sourcebooks!

This title just released on May 5, so make sure to order now through your favourite bookseller!


(From Goodreads)

Francesca Delaney’s wedding gown shop has two necessary rules to guarantee success:
1. Never covet a dress
2. Never sell a dress that led to a doomed marriage

These two rules have helped Francesca build her reputation as a woman with a knack for matching a bride-to-be with the perfect gown.

At Fran’s shop every gown has its history, and the dresses seem to whisper their secrets to Fran, telling her the perfect match.

But Francesca breaks both these rules the day she finds a beautiful 1950s couture floor-length gown. In her desperation to know the dress’s background, she inadvertently becomes entangled with the original owner’s son who would like the dark history of the dress to remain hidden forever.


I’m not one for fluffy romance novels, but I totally found myself falling in love with this one within the first few pages! Isn’t that crazy!? I think I’m slowly but surely going to turn into a full blown romance novel connoisseur soon!

All jokes aside, this book has such a cute premise! A vintage wedding gown shop is probably the most romantic setting ever (besides a bookstore. Hello, bookworm over here!) But what’s even MORE romantic is Fran’s dedication to finding the absolute perfect bride for her dresses, no matter what. There is truly a unique story behind each dress, and dang. I’d love to have the level of dedication Fran has, and just general awesomeness. She was such a superstar, and I love her!

Vintage dresses, interesting people from the past, and ruthless reputations all make an interesting backdrop for one common denominator: love. True love is what makes the magic, and Fran is a fierce believer in this. It’s so sweet, and I’m happy for the ending she gets.

I think some of the characters did act a little childish at times, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It did add to the fun of the novel, and the general upbeat vibe. Just…not the best decisions made at times, and the whole “you said this, so now I’m mad” or “you embarrassed me, so now we’re breaking up how dare you” did get a little tiresome closer to the end, but that’s just me!

If you’re looking for a fun and quick read, then you definitely need to pick this one up next, especially if you love wedding gowns and a unique story of a quick enemies-lovers (well, not so much enemies. More like annoyed with each other until they get closer). Man, I need to brush up on my tropes!

Final grade: 4/5

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